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		{\Huge Nicolas Knoebber

Remote from Northern California 
$\bullet$ 641-260-1703 
$\bullet$ \href{}{}
\\ \href{}{}
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\section{Professional Experience}
\hfill \textbf{Remote}\\\emph{Senior Platform Engineer} \hfill \emph{January 2022 - Present}

Chairish is a popular e-commerce platform that allows users to buy and sell high end home furnishings.

    \item Full stack web development in Python/Django/JavaScript
    \item Rewrote the front-end checkout experience to resolve a variety of bugs and UX issues
    \item Created database migrations to better normalize data
    \item Wrote robust unit tests and refactored dense code to improve maintainability
    \item Participated in multiple code reviews per day; gave functionality and maintainability based feedback
    \item Implemented performant/accurate interface for geolocating a request/postal
    \item Upgraded the entire JavaScript codebase to es6/webpack - improved front end build time from ~15 minutes to ~15 seconds and reduced every page's total size by more than 10kb.

\textbf{ICS Advanced Technologies} \hfill \textbf{Remote}\\\emph{Software Engineer} \hfill \emph{August 2018 - December 2022}

ICS is an internet service provider that primarily serves apartment complexes.

    \item Completed multi year effort to rewrite legacy PHP app in React/Go
    \item Worked on a Ruby on Rails application that onboards tenants and lets them manage their internet subscription
    \item Used Stripe to collect payments and fulfill service with webhooks
    \item Wrote services in Go that authenticate connected devices and set internet speeds
    \item Implemented a distributed JWT AuthZ system in go/react by following RFC 7519 

\textbf{FabPro1} \hfill \textbf{Cedar Rapids, IA}\\\emph{PHP Web Developer} \hfill \emph{April 2017 - May 2018}

Implemented data ingestion and analysis in JavaScript/PHP/MySQL for metal cutting/welding factories.

\section{Personal Projects}

    \item Personal data tracking tool written in Elixir / Phoenix LiveView
    \item Integrated with Gmail OAuth to automatically scrape my credit card transactions from emails
    \item Created custom markdown dialect by extending Earmark's abstract syntax tree
    \item Implemented robust content tagging system
    \item Contributed upstream improvements that were merged to the official Phoenix and LiveView repositories


    \item Implemented version control system from scratch in Golang
    \item CLI features a custom VCS system that is loosely based on git - init, diff, commit, push, pull, log, etc
    \item Web server returns server side rendered semantic HTML pages without any JS

\section{Preferred Tools}
Golang, Python, Django, JavaScript, React, Elixir, Phoenix LiveView, MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, Linux, Emacs, Vim \\
\textbf{Grinnell College} \hfill \textbf{Grinnell, IA}\\
\textit{Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science} \hfill May 2017