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		{\Huge Nicolas Knoebber

641-260-1703 $\bullet$ [email protected]\\ $\bullet$ $\bullet$

\section{Professional Experience}
\textbf{ICS Advanced Technologies} \hfill \textbf{Remote}\\\emph{Software Engineer} \hfill \emph{August 2018 - Present}

ICS is an internet service provider that primarily serves apartment complexes. We provide tenants internet as an amenity and offer higher speeds as a subscription service.
    \item Completed multi year effort to rewrite legacy PHP app in React/Go
    \item Worked on a Ruby on Rails application that onboards tenants and lets them manage their internet subscription
    \item Used Stripe to collect payments and fulfill service with webhooks
    \item Wrote services in Go that authenticate connected devices and set internet speeds
    \item Implemented a JWT authentication and authorization system
    \item Collaborated with other departments to make the user experience as smooth as possible

\textbf{FabPro1} \hfill \textbf{Cedar Rapids, IA}\\\emph{PHP Web Developer} \hfill \emph{April 2017 - May 2018}

FabPro1 is a startup that offers a SaaS for the prefabrication industry. I designed a system that lets users generate and save interactive charts that measure shop productivity.
    \item Worked as a full-stack web developer
    \item Primarily used JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, and MySQL
    \item Crafted interactive data visualizations in JavaScript
    \item Built MySQL schemas and optimized complex queries

\section{Personal Projects}

Dotfile is a version control system for single files. My goal is to make sharing configuration files between systems simple and user friendly. It has CLI and web server components that are both written in Go.
    \item Command line interface that tracks, pushes, and pulls files
    \item Web application where users can create, find, share, and retrieve files
    \item Fully documented and tested

Cosmo's Tuna is a simple e-commerce site. It runs on JAMstack and is hosted with AWS. The site is live and receives regular orders.
    \item Built with a variety of AWS services including S3, CloudFront, Lambda, Route53, API Gateway, SNS, and SES
    \item Processes orders with Stripe
    \item Uses a build and deploy system with Bash and Makefile
\section{Preferred Tools}
Golang, JavaScript, React, Ruby on Rails, HTML/CSS, SQL, Linux, Docker, Emacs, Vim, JetBrains \\
\textbf{Grinnell College} \hfill \textbf{Grinnell, IA}\\
\textit{Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science} \hfill May 2017

Selected Coursework: Computer Security, Computer Vision, Thinking in C \& Unix