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set nocompatible        " use vim defaults
set scrolloff=3         " keep 3 lines when scrolling
set ai                  " set auto-indenting on for programming
set showcmd             " display incomplete commands
set nobackup            " do not keep a backup file
set number              " show line numbers
set ruler               " show the current row and column
set hlsearch            " highlight searches
set incsearch           " do incremental searching
set showmatch           " jump to matches when entering regexp
set ignorecase          " ignore case when searching
set smartcase           " no ignorecase if Uppercase char present
set visualbell t_vb=    " turn off error beep/flash
set novisualbell        " turn off visual bell
set backspace=indent,eol,start  " make that backspace key work the way it should
set mouse=a             " enable mouse

syntax on               " turn syntax highlighting on by default
filetype on             " detect type of file
filetype indent on      " load indent file for specific file type

nnoremap <C-L> :nohl<CR><C-L>

" Set files that start with .bash_ to bash syntax. (E.G .bash_ps1)
au BufRead,BufNewFile .bash_* setfiletype bash