benji / xresources / commits

Hash Message Timestamp
927d2cf xterm-256color 03/10/2023 7:32PM
e26aeda change font back to source code pro 03/08/2023 1:51AM
d64f647 remove bold from xterm font 03/08/2023 1:24AM
b17f0c6 change xterm font size from 15 pix to 14 pix 03/08/2023 1:22AM
ecec8a4 change font 03/07/2023 10:38PM
3f71e68 change dec terminal to vt340 so sixel works 01/12/2023 5:43PM
1b10dba trying a black terminal background 11/17/2022 5:46PM
67f69ae new font 08/20/2022 11:21PM
e04fec3 get rid of broken copy-paste thing 08/19/2022 1:39PM
b6b80de Initial commit 03/21/2022 3:37PM