benji / i3 / commits

Hash Message Timestamp
10c619c 01/27/2024 7:43PM
76c5903 01/27/2024 7:37PM
6879a37 go back to fcitx 08/11/2023 1:37PM
cb7d5df clean up a little 05/19/2023 11:23PM
1f5ff3e new win+tab and win+grave 03/08/2023 8:18PM
f16e115 workspace notifier 03/08/2023 6:49PM
c5a551c add battery notifier 03/08/2023 5:59PM
220ff5b change win+shift+tab back to kill, remove win+backspace, change win+tab to next workspace 03/08/2023 12:20PM
74dc0bd update 03/08/2023 3:12AM
86f5f8b change font back to source code pro 03/08/2023 1:51AM
45ceea3 change a few things 03/08/2023 1:48AM
2292ba1 change font 03/07/2023 10:38PM
977b216 remove some shortcuts i don't use much anymore 02/23/2023 12:01AM
06d6494 remove spotify and add bandcamp 02/16/2023 7:41PM
f6994fd change compton to picom 02/16/2023 5:01PM
4a31b0f disable fcitx, and reenable xkbd intl keyboard 02/11/2023 1:42AM
fb1f979 didn't realize -new-window opens configured new tab page already 01/23/2023 8:05PM
c9b23df fcitx 01/23/2023 6:50PM
d2fa0a0 the solution was much simpler, -new-window already opens your new tab page 01/20/2023 2:58PM
f3957b3 make win+f, space open tabliss new tab instead of builtin one 01/15/2023 3:32AM
0acf2f0 anki 01/15/2023 2:57AM
bc9cbe5 openrct2 01/14/2023 5:11PM
4730617 floating modifier 01/13/2023 8:32PM
dfcf219 Minecraft 01/13/2023 8:02PM
92ea6ca TerraTech 12/30/2022 8:17PM
0f2fe8f add stardew valley 12/30/2022 6:40PM
e5eefcd clean up launchers 12/30/2022 8:39AM
82faffc add uncc gmail shortcut 10/21/2022 2:40PM
dd0e790 new headphone workflow 10/15/2022 6:21PM
1eb9961 new font 08/20/2022 11:41PM
50ce97c fullscreen keybind, new keyboard layout pair 08/19/2022 1:34AM
222c5bc small additions and changes 07/07/2022 1:26PM
b574d20 add some keybinds 06/21/2022 9:21PM
afc1d78 change GeckoMain to firefox 06/02/2022 11:06AM
7118383 change minecraft to pathless 05/17/2022 5:43PM
ea9e5ef get rid of dbus-launch in vscode binding 04/18/2022 12:24AM
1c11042 put win+z and win+c back 04/17/2022 1:03AM
e9f7583 swap win+z and win+c 04/16/2022 2:31PM
137865f start vscode with dbus-launch 04/16/2022 1:39AM
a12071c wiktionary and wikipedia 04/07/2022 3:03PM
713752c 03/31/2022 12:58AM
eb97276 03/27/2022 6:03PM
9e7d02b 03/27/2022 1:24AM
526e385 03/21/2022 9:14PM
42cfbb1 03/21/2022 8:54PM
4635e2f 03/21/2022 8:00PM
c7df24c restore last wallpaper on start instead of automatically replacing it with potd 03/21/2022 4:46PM
2c64957 removing things i no longer use 03/21/2022 3:41PM
dcb2466 Initial commit 03/21/2022 3:34PM